General Features

Arg shopping centre is a perfect image of jewellery, perfume, cosmetics, clothing, appliances, and electronic devices shops as well as amusement park and entertainment center. Also, there are seminar room and a five-storey parking lot designed according to international scientific standards which is located in the most appropriate corner of Tajrish square; with title deed and enterprise space between 10 to 340m2 in area.

Project Features

تDiversity in space allocation required by different professions form 10m2 to 340m2; 650m2 special shop space for domestic and foreign brands which is a competitive advantage. Building area and space allocation of this complex are so that they can meet the requirements of the guilds, brand agents, and goods and services direct selling companies.

Technical Features

Steel Frame (bolts and nuts)
Roof with steel deck
Fire protective coatings (fire-resistance rating of 120 minutes)
12000m2 retaining wall
Integrated foundation
12000m2 five-layer humid insulator enclosing basements as well as drainage system